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Canada- Stretching from Newfoundland on the Atlantic coast to British Columbia on the Pacific coast, Canada is slightly larger than the United States, its southern neighbor, but has only about a tenth as many people.

Canada's northernmost districts contain some of its most rugged terrain and severe climate, but its more southern regions are blanketed with endless forest ranges.

Canada is a land of great variety. Towering mountains, clear lakes, and lush forests make the far west a region of great natural beauty. Farther inland, fields cover vast rolling prairies. These fertile farmlands contrast vividly with the Arctic tundra to the north.

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Canada has an extensive national park system that includes areas ideal for many recreational activities. The park system began in 1885 with the establishment of Hot Springs Reservation (now Banff National Park) in Alberta. Today, there are parks in every province and territory throughout the country.

Canada's coastline, stretching over 151,000 miles (243,000 kilometers), is one of the longest of any country. Hudson Bay, Hudson Strait, and James Bay form a great inland sea in Canada.

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