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Egypt - While largely covered with dry, windswept deserts, Egypt is rich in both its culture and its long history as a birthplace of civilization.

Ancient Egyptians developed a great culture about 5,000 years ago. They created the first national government, as well as early forms of mathematics and writing. Their feats of their engineers and craftsmen surpass the quality of their modern-day counterparts.

Once a world power, Egypt retains many monuments of the former age. Huge pyramids can today still be seen and explored, revealing secrets of millennia past.

Egypt's hot, dry climate has helped to preserve many products of Egyptian culture, and tourists from all over the world travel here to see such wonders as the Great Sphinx at Giza, an enormous stone sculpture with the head of a human and body of a lion.

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Many flock near Luxor to view the ancient tombs in the "Valley of the Kings" as well as the many magnificent temples.

The mighty Nile River flows northward though the desert to the Mediterranean Sea, bringing life to the lands through which it passes.

Cairo, Egypt's largest city, is also the largest city in all of Africa, featuring the highlights of desert civilization. Here you can take in the beautiful mosques, great city walls and gates, and the traditional style of Islamic dwellings. Most inhabitants as well as tourists frequent the bazaar (outdoor marketplace) to make purchases and to visit with friends.

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