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Hawaii, U.S.A. - Not only the newest of the United States and the only state that does not lie on the mainland of North America, Hawaii is also the southernmost state in the Union.

Hawaii is world famous for its beauty and pleasant climate. It has deep-blue seas, brilliantly colored flowers, graceful palm trees, and magnificent waterfalls. These attractions provide some of the most thrilling scenery in the United States. Cool Pacific trade winds keep Hawaii's weather pleasantly mild all year round.

Hawaii has many colorful ways of life. Some of these customs come from Pacific Islanders called Polynesians, who were the original settlers of Hawaii. Many of the people of Hawaii are of Polynesian descent. The people's great friendliness toward tourists gives Hawaii its nickname of the Aloha State - Aloha means love in the Hawaiian Language.

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When vacationers arrive in Hawaii, they often receive leis (wreaths of flowers strung together). The visitors enjoy feasts, folk dancing, parades, and many special events. The hula has become a symbol of Hawaii. Hula dancers sway their hips and move their arms and hands to the music of Hawaiian guitars and other instruments.

Hawaii is made up of seven main islands, stretching from the majestic Big Island of Hawaii to the garden isle of Kauai. Waterfalls abound on each of the islands, as well as other beautiful sites.

The entire chain of islands was formed by a single hot spot in the earth's crust, which is currently busy building a new island off the coast of the Big Island.

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