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Mexico - Rich both in culture and in history, the roots of this area are centuries old, dating back to the wondrous ancient Aztec civilization.

Few other countries have so wide a variety of landscapes and climates within such short distances of one another. Towering mountains and high, rolling plateaus cover more than two-thirds of Mexico. The climate, land formation, and plant life in these rugged highlands may vary greatly within a short distance. Mexico also has tropical forests, dry deserts, and fertile valleys.

While Mexico has kept up with advancing technology, family life and common courtesies have not been left by the wayside. Most towns and even major cities feature a plaza, or public square, that is the center of city life.

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In the evenings and on Sunday afternoons, people gather in their local plazas to talk with friends or listen to music.

Mexican food has also become popular throughout much of the world. Burritos, tacos, salsa, and tortillas are now commonplace in many major cities worldwide.

Mexicans celebrate their Independence days, Sept. 15 and 16, and other holidays with colorful fiestas, or festivals. Every city, town and village also holds a yearly fiesta to honor its local patron saint. Most fiestas begin before daylight with a shower of rockets and fireworks, and a ringing of bells.

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