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Please complete the following form to receive specific information designed to help with your travel planning. Responses to the information provided will offer travel suggestions intended to save you money as well as offer you travel and activity alternatives you might not otherwise consider.

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Upon the submission of this form, you will be sent via e-mail and/or hard copy mail, responses, brochures and information from travel companies affiliated with Best Places On Earth. If you listed your telephone number on this form, you may also receive telephone calls from these same travel companies. In addition, you may also receive a free electronic newsletter that includes information on special travel offers and discounts.

Please remember that all businesses contacting you are individual Affiliate travel companies and are not directly related to H&S Publishing, LLC, owners of Best Places On Earth. H&S Publishing, LLC is not responsible for any claims that may arise from any business conducted with an Affiliate travel company. Affiliate travel companies are prescreened, and to protect your privacy, are allowed additional opportunities to contact you only with your written permission. Consumer complaints stemming from the use of our service are extremely rare. In its 7 years of Internet operations, H&S Publishing, LLC has never received a consumer complaint that warranted serious action. Anyone having questions, concerns, complains or suggestions on how we might improve our services should e-mail us directly at hspub@bestplacesonearth.com.

By Submitting this form, you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years of age.

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